Why is it so hard for student-athletes to excel in academics and athletics?

Often, high performing student-athletes have a different school experience than traditional middle and high school students. They must balance the challenging demands of a busy training schedule, while staying on track with their academic workload.

In an effort to gain greater flexibility with their schedules while simultaneously pursuing a rigorous high school education, student-athletes are turning to 5 Star Education for help.

We are a highly specialized consulting group working with high performing student-athletes in grades 6 to 12.

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Guidance and Research

With over 4 decades of combined experience in teaching and learning, school administration, and the development of schools for student-athletes, 5 Star is uniquely positioned to advocate for and support the academic needs of student-athletes.

We provide objective advice, reliable research, academic support and the individual attention student-athletes need to succeed in their academic and athletic programs.

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Why A Virtual School?

Flexibility For Student-Athletes

High Performing student-athletes are motivated, driven, passionate individuals. In order to achieve their goals they need an academic program that is flexible, dynamic and mobile. A virtual education offers student-athletes an opportunity to train, eat and study in a way that isn’t supported by traditional schools. Virtual and cyber schools can a be a great alternative to traditional schools, providing student-athletes with the flexibility they need to balance their rigorous academic and athletic pursuits.

With greater scheduling flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere, student-athletes can have the best of both worlds, a high quality education and an elite training schedule.


Choosing A Virtual School

Embracing The Individuality of Each Student

We embrace the individuality of each student as we recognize that no two athletes are the same. We combine a healthy obsession for student-centered services with a passion for supporting student-athletes within virtual schools.


In the 2017-2018 school year, nearly 300,000 students were enrolled across 501 full-time virtual school in the United States.

With 5 Star Education, you won’t be left on your own to explore all of the possibilities.


When you begin to explore virtual schools you’ll notice that tuition and services vary depending on the location of your residence.

A partnership with 5 Star provides families with a detail analysis of the virtual schools and services available within their area.

Why Study Alone?

Launch A Learning Center

Our partners at the Players Academy work with small groups of players, teams and forward thinking clubs to create learning centers within a clubs training facility. A Players Academy Learning Center provides students with access to technology, academic advising, middle and high school core curriculum, electives, tutoring and college counseling services.

Think of it as WeWork for athletes; a flexible learning space that offers student-athletes a place to study.

Players Academy

Partnership Advantages For Student-Athletes…

“Best Fit” Opportunities

5 Star Education works for the student-athletes; seeking the best fit virtual schools for their academic ambitions. Think of us as your academic engineers, using all of the resources available (regardless of the school) to build the best academic programs for each of our students.

No Missed School Days

No need to miss days or weeks of school while traveling! With more scheduling flexibility, student-athletes can complete lessons at a time that works best for their busy schedule.

More Time For Training

Learning in a more flexible environment allows student-athletes to keep up with the demands of their training schedule while still succeeding in the classroom.

Opportunity To Achieve One’s Full Academic Potential

Sometimes busy athletes who learn through homeschooling or at a brick-and-mortar school aren’t able to achieve their full potential. With high-quality online schools, young athletes learn with supportive and caring teachers who are dedicated to helping them succeed.

Less Stress & Worry

Balancing athletics with school may become draining and frustrating, especially for students who strive to excel in both academics and athletics. With virtual learning, students can get the appropriate rest needed between practices and training without compromising their education or well-being.

Learn On The Go

Often, athletes travel frequently for games and tournaments. One of the may great perks of a virtual education is that students can take schoolwork with them and learn from wherever they are – at a tournament, on the road, or at the airport.

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