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Our Pathway To The Pro's program is for students, in grades K-12, who have a passion for sports and who are interested in charting a path into the professional sports industry.

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Preparing Students For Careers In Professional Sports

Our curriculum, courses, summer camps and after-school programs provide students with an overview of the key career pathways in the sports industry, preparing them for the opportunity to participate in the dramatic growth in sports around the globe.

We want students to understand the vast opportunities on the horizon, and how they can turn their passion for sports into careers. Within professional sports, there are abundant opportunities available to motivated and hardworking students, regardless of their athletic ability.

Digital Badges

Real-World Recognition

We believe there is an opportunity to build out fully robust sports centric pathways for young people who aspire to pursue careers in professional sports.

For us, these digital pathways begin with digital badges and end with industry recognized micro-credentials that students can use to showcase their accomplishments to college admission counselors and potential job recruiters.

Our badges and micro-credentials demonstrate sports industry specific competencies. As student collect our badges they can unlock special incentives and rewards.

We’re trying to bridge the gap between what students are learning in the classroom and its relevance to sports. We think this will make a huge impact on a students motivation to learn and their engagement with curriculum. 


Using Sports To Inspire The Next Generation

Science, technology, engineering and math are as important to sports as slam dunks, touchdowns, goals and home runs. Whether it's a gravity-defying slam dunk or a gymnasts landing that perfect 10, athletes are using science all the time. Nowadays, many teams and individual athletes hire sports scientists to boost their performance, improve their diet, or just help them stay in shape.

We believe sports science can be the tool that inspires the next generation of STEM leaders; bridging the gap between sports and the classroom. In particular, sport science has the opportunity to engage historically underrepresented students in STEM professions.

Our after school, summer camp and Sports Science workshops offer students in grades K to 12 the opportunity to learn about the science behind their favorite sports.

Professional Experience

Bringing Content To Life

Our group of experienced curriculum writers facilitate collaboration between K-12 schools, youth sports organizations and the largest brands in sports. With our combined experience in teaching and learning, coaching and curriculum development we specialize in creating customized high quality content and curriculum for students, athletes, coaches, clubs and organizations.

Materials and resources for face-to-face or online, short or long, competency or seat-time based.

Mapping, correlations, development of learning objectives, scope and sequence and complete curricula.

Multiple choice, short answer, extended response, technology enhanced, performance based and more.

Featured Pathways

Sports Analytics

Sports Analytics refers to collections of various historical and current statistics that, through proper analysis and application, can provide a competitive advantage to any athlete or team. Students will examine the processes that drive data collection, scouting, recruiting, and game planning to maximize potential for team or athlete success and the careers that this ever expanding discipline can lead to.

Sports Management and Entrepreneurship

Sports Management encompasses a range of corporate fields from sales and marketing to media rights strategies to finance. Students will take a high-level view and explore the commercial business behind sports including rights ownership, CBA structure, contracts and the impact of media, sponsorship and marketing on the modern day sports market at both the national and international level.

Sports Broadcasting

Students will explore the wide range of careers and opportunities in sports broadcast ranging from the role of the cameraman, the live commentator to the TV producer. How does modern day live sports continue to compete against other media outlets and what are the broadcasters doing to address this.

Coaching and Player Development

The Coaching and Player Development Academy focuses on the different types of coaching and its impact on the evolution of the elite athlete. Students will examine programs for sport-specific coaching education, the concept of the premier athlete “lifecycle”, and the keys to leadership and individualization to maximize player and team success.

Sports Medicine

Students will explore the various careers and opportunities in sports medicine including athletic training, team physician, orthopedics, nutrition and sports psychology, all of which work together to improve athlete performance, support injury recovery, and prevent future injuries.


We will explore the sweeping phenomena that is Esports. In addition to researching the growth of this new sport, students will take a look at this new industry and give participants a complete overview of the esports ecosystem. Students will have the opportunity to experience a range of games esport games while learning the coding strategies and software the games are built upon.

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